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Jennifer Rupp
Reading With Daniel Founding Member

Reading with Daniel will supply writers with new tools. Every week, Wallace illustrates valuable storytelling techniques not covered in your average writing workshop. He takes those elements, breaks them down, and lays out the parts like a manual. I found the experience revelatory.

Cara Flett
Reading With Daniel Founding Member

You’ve done an amazing job unpacking universal techniques RWD members should master, then apply to their own writing. The weekly deep dives you took into writing dialogue; slowing the pace to create a story that titillates—and foreshadows; drawing on the power of 3rd person; balancing multiple POVs; and the six-step breakdown of writing stellar scenes (among many others) were beyond helpful.

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This is your low-stress novel reading club: a way for you to improve your craft skills and build your understanding of how stories work -- by reading great stories. 

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This novel-reading club includes:
  • Weekly craft emails
  •  4 - 6 weeks to read each novel
  • Monthly Zoom teaching sessions 
  • Monthly-ish audio messages 
  • PDF Archives of past novel analyses 
  • Comment section to discuss each craft technique 
  • craft tips focused on small excerpts that I will share so you do not need to keep up with every novel in order to have a valuable learning experience each week
  • instant access to my bonus mini-course, Five Ways to Re-Read a Novel.

"The book I wrote after we worked together landed me my agents at InkWell... To other writers: Daniel truly has a gift. He’s one of the most patient and encouraging teachers I’ve had."

Allison Saft,
NYT bestselling author

"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor."

Julia Brown
Fiction Editor and Writer